This is my first foray into blog writing and I hope you enjoy sharing my creative journey with me.  Please take some time to look around my site, and maybe some of my pieces will give you an extra reason to smile during these days of uncertainty!

I’ve been busy in my studio lately and have recently completed one of my favourite pieces (shown here) and as it usually happens, I was sad to see it go.  I always feel like I’m letting go of a piece of myself when I either sell or gift my art.  I was thrilled, however, that the new owners were delighted with this portrait of their beloved pet!  

I am working on several more pieces, one of which is a gift so I won’t be posting it until after it has been “gifted”!  The other is another portrait of my granddaughter.  There are already several other portraits of her under “Others” in the Portfolio page, firstly because she was my first grandchild and every grandparent knows that the first always holds such a special place in our hearts and secondly, because children always makes such great subjects to paint.  I have a few other pieces in mind as well, so stay tuned for some new work to appear on my site in the next little while!

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