It’s been awhile since I’ve posted as this spring/summer has been a tough one. Living in the interior of British Columbia (Canada), our heat wave and summer storms have been the cause of one wildfire after another, many of which have been too close for comfort. My motivation to create has been fairly low what with worrying about the possibility of evacuations for both myself and some of my extended family. What to take with us when we have to evacuate . . . what to keep close when we’re all on alert . . . what could I possibly do to save my past work and my current work if we have to leave quickly! All has weighed heavy on our minds as we spend our time watching the continuous updates online, on TV and through local news and hoping that all will be well in the end.

Thankfully, it looks like our immediate area is safe and I am spending time in my studio again. My latest pieces reflect the peace I feel, knowing that we’re going to be okay and can carry on with our lives once more.

Landscapes have always been more difficult for me as in my heart I am an “animal artist” but I found these were easier than normal as they reflect how I feel at this moment in time! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did painting them.

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