Our local art club, of which I am a member, hosts their annual art show this weekend! It’s hard to believe that this year will be the 55th year that the club has held an art show. What a legacy!

I am always amazed at the hard work that goes into hosting this type of show and equally amazed at how we pull it off. Once the boards are up and paintings are hung and labels are put beside each peace of work, the transformation from a ordinary hall into an art gallery are something to behold. Each person walking into this ‘gallery’ on the night of the opening is always surprised at how professional it looks and loves the experience of attending an “Opening Night” complete with wine! We live in a small, rural community in the interior of BC where ranches and farms and lakes and rivers surround us and city lights are far away (100 kms to the nearest big city). To be able to provide a little ‘big city treat’ to our surrounding communities gives this weekend a special feeling to those of us that are involved! A big shout out to those members that came before us and we are honored to carry on this tradition!

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